Peatland grant

To reverse habitat loss and improve the condition of Welsh peatlands we have capital development grants of between £10,000-£30,000 available.  

The development grant will enable individuals and organisations to:

  • explore if their peatland restoration project is feasible
  • develop a costed peatland restoration project by March 2024 that has a realistic chance of delivery
  • gather the information they will need to apply for future delivery grant funding rounds

Project priorities

All projects will need to address one or more of the National Peatland Action Programme priorities:

  • Peatland erosion
  • Peatland drainage
  • Sustainable management of blanket peats
  • Sustainable management of lowland peats
  • The restoration of afforested peatlands
  • The gradual restoration of our highest carbon emitting peatlands

The peatland must also be in Wales - for any cross-border proposals, we'll consider only the Welsh element.

Grant funded projects will ultimately contribute towards the current target of 600 hectares restoration activity in Wales each year.

Who can apply

  • Individuals
  • Public sector organisations
  • Registered charities
  • Universities, other higher education institutions and research institutes
  • Third sector organisations
  • Private sector organisations

If you're working with a delivery partner, lead applicants must:

  • show evidence of having delivered at least one peatland restoration project in the last decade, or
  • provide confirmation of technical support from a partner who has experience of delivering peatland restoration on the ground - and can provide technical support

How much you can apply for

You can apply for between £10,000 to £30,000 of funding. 

You can ask for up to 100% of your project costs.

We'll consider value for money when we make decisions about using public money to deliver our policy. We'll view match funding favourably. Match funding can include:

  • cash contribution
  • volunteer time

When you can apply

We're accepting applications from 8 November 2022.

You must apply before midnight on 8 February 2023.

How to apply

You'll need a reference number to start your grant application.

We aim to give you a decision on your application by May 2023.

Find out how to prepare and submit your application online.

What you can spend a grant on

You can spend our peatland capital development grant on:

  • Direct project jobs costs, equipment, contractors and consultants, one-off professional fees directly associated with project related costs
  • Overheads - we use a flat rate of 15% of direct project staff costs for most projects but will also accept Full Cost Recovery as long as fully demonstrated and evidenced
  • Publicity, engagement materials, project related reports and translation. Publicity and engagement work should be targeted at a priority audience for your project and should contribute directly to delivering the project e.g. with key stakeholders or land managers

Activities you can include in your application

Your application may include the following activities:

  • site survey and mapping for designing intervention (rather than general monitoring and habitat surveys)
  • undertaking land-manager or owner engagement
  • scoping and obtaining permissions or consents
  • technical design
  • costing of restoration design
  • development of a tender ready specification

What you can't spend a grant on

You can't spend a Natural Resources Wales grant on:

  • Revenue costs (i.e. not relating to capital delivery)
  • Survey or monitoring not linked to capital restoration works proposed
  • Visitor site information panels
  • Funding your organisation's core activities
  • Ongoing management or maintenance works
  • Work outside Wales
  • Funding commercial or profit-making activities
  • Maintenance costs on Public Rights of Way
  • Schemes where work has been completed or is underway
  • Personal study or the pursuit of individual academic or professional qualifications
  • Work within NRW’s statutory remit
  • To fund grant programmes
  • VAT: the costs should exclude VAT unless you are not - and have no plans to be - VAT registered
  • Activity which you currently or will have a duty to discharge through planning conditions
  • Funding cannot be used towards any mitigation/compensation project for damage to peatlands elsewhere

What grant recipients will need to provide

We'll expect grant recipients to measure and provide:

  • hectares of restoration delivery expected i.e. on trajectory to recovery
  • GIS recording of any peat depth data
  • final copy of restoration design proposals and confirmation that all necessary permissions are in place

Other permissions or consents

If you need permits, consents or any other type of permission from us, you will need to complete this in addition to this application for funding.  Ensure you build time for this into your grant project plan.

How we score applications

Find out how we score competitive peatlands development grant applications.

Proposals outside Snowdonia National Park and Brecon Beacons National Park will receive a higher score.

Other funding options

If you're interested in peatland restoration but this grant does not meet your needs, contact us at

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