Routine maintenance to take place at Bala sluice gates

A set of sluice gates along the River Dee near Bala will undergo an inspection as part of routine maintenance.

Natural Resources Wales (NRW) will undertake a twelve-week inspection programme starting in early September which forms part of ongoing maintenance at Bala sluice gates, located at the River Dee where it meets the Afon Tryweryn, a short distance from Llyn Tegid.

A sluice is a sliding gate used to control the flow of water and there are four large sluice gates at the Bala structure along with two smaller gates to assist fish passage.

Work will involve a detailed survey and inspection of each gate, delivered by contractor William Hughes Civil Engineering Ltd working with Hunton Engineering, and supported by Binnies and Arcadis.

Throughout the works period, water flow will be maintained, and the day-to-day operation of the gates will remain unaffected.

Sara Pearson, NRW’s North Wales Operations Manager for Flood and Water Management, said:

“We are informing members of the local community about this work which forms a crucial part of our routine maintenance programme.

“The gates are a key part of the Dee Regulation System, providing multiple benefits throughout the year such as upstream storage in Llyn Tegid during the summer and reducing flood risk to downstream communities in the winter.

“The gates are managed and monitored by NRW and this work is being safely planned to ensure no impact on routine operations.

“This work is part of our duty under the Reservoirs Act 1975 which also requires us to inspect and maintain the raised embankments around Llyn Tegid to provide protection from extreme weather whilst ensuring we do not cause any impact to people or the environment.”

For more information visit Natural Resources Wales / The Dee Regulation Scheme