North West Wales Area Statement

The area is made of a wonderful landscape of extensive upland and coastal areas, together with intervening lowlands and settlements. Snowdonia National Park, ‘Eryri’, covers the main upland spine of mountains, with further upland moors to the east in Conwy.

This theme captures how this Area Statement is at the start of an ongoing way of working an iterative process encouraging us to work together with continuous feedback and discussion.

Due to its breadth and influence, stakeholders identified the climate and environment emergency as the most important and overarching theme for the North West Area Statement.

This theme is about working together so that sustainable opportunities for the economy and the environment are developed. This includes identifying sustainable approaches to economic opportunities that enhance the natural resources unique to North West Wales.

Creating opportunities to access and understand the value of the countryside so that communities can reconnect, understand, engage and influence the creative use of the local natural environment.

This theme includes ensuring that we all work together to improve ecosystem resilience in the area. We need to reverse the decline, and act to enrich biodiversity. This theme links closely with Vital Nature, NRW's strategic steer for biodiversity.

Working with air, land and water managers across North West Wales to promote and develop sustainable resource management contributing to the health of all life in the area.