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What to do before a flood

We can't prevent flooding – but we can help people get ready for it and limit its damage

In Wales, 1 in 6 properties is at risk of flooding – do you know if yours is one of them?

How can I prepare for flooding?

Check your flood risk on our flood risk map. You can find out what the likelihood of flooding from rivers and the sea is in your local area on our flood map. This is the same information that is available to insurance companies.

If you’re at risk, there are lots of things you can do to prepare before a flood happens including:

  • Prepare a flood plan from one of the templates below
  • National Flood Forum - Blue Pages Directory is an independent directory of flood protection products and services
  • Know what the flood codes mean and what to do if you receive one
  • View the flood warnings currently in force
  • Sign up for free flood warnings by phone, text or email

If you need to know more about how to develop a flood plan please email us.

Flood awareness

Our Flood Awareness Wales officers aim to ensure that communities at risk of flooding know how to prepare and how to respond before, during and after a flood incident.

How you can get involved

Find out how you can develop a community flood plan.

Health Advice

Public Health Wales have advice if you are flooded. 

Flooding and pets

Find out what to do to keep your pets safe via the RSPCA and Blue Cross.

Business Advice

Business Emergency Resilience Group has advice for small to medium-sized businesses.

Gas and Electricity Advice

Find your supplier and inform them if you need priority services  - Energy suppliers

Funding Opportunities

Latest guidance from Wales Council for Voluntary Action


Flood Re has been set up to help households in areas at risk of flooding find affordable home insurance. 

To see if you are eligible for Floor Re, there are three easy steps to follow:

  1. Talk to your existing insurer and ask them if your home is eligible for the Flood Re Scheme
  2. Be prepared to shop around
  3. Remember, finding the right advice and products is important 

If you want to find out more, visit the Flood Re website:

The National Flood Forum also has dedicated Flood Re pages on their website:

Tell your insurer about your flood risk

If your insurance company asks for an Insurance Related Request (IRR), please contact our Customer Care Centre. Include the full address of the property, a contact telephone number and, if possible, a map. The team will respond to you within 20 working days.

The standard IRR is a letter which helps your insurer decide whether they will renew your housing insurance or give you a new quote. It provides information about:

  • whether your property falls within or outside the area at risk of flooding
  • whether there are any defences in the area and the standard of protection that they provide
  • how likely flooding is, taking into account any risk management measure such as flood defence barriers in the area
  • whether there are any plans for flood risk management measures in the area

An IRR is free for the public. Requests from commercial interests such as a solicitor or developer will cost £50 (plus VAT).

Flood awareness through education

We also work with schools and higher and further education institutions at risk of flooding to develop flood plans and raise awareness of flood risk amongst future generations.

Have a look at our range of education resources for the classroom, including case studies, session and activity plans and supporting information notes and PowerPoints.

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