Phosphorus limits on environmental permits for waste water treatment work discharges

We are reviewing phosphorus limits on Environmental Permits for waste water treatment works discharges which exceed a dry weather flow of 20m3/day.

The list below are all the permits we intend to review before July 2024.

The table will be updated every Friday as more permits are released.

There is a two month appeal period from the date of issue. In the event of an appeal by a water company we will update the list below to identify which permits are affected. The permit for the appealed WwTW will revert to the previous version until the outcome of the appeal is decided. 

Please see our public register for the full Environmental Permit once issued.


SAC Catchment WwTW Name Permit Number Issue date of reviewed permit P limit (1) mg/l Effective date P limit (1) P limit (2)  mg/l Effective date P limit (2)    
Cleddau CLYNDERWEN BG0029501 10/07/2023 1mg/l 10/07/2023 0.25mg/l 31/03/2030    
Cleddau LETTERSTON WEST BH0071101              
Cleddau WOLFSCASTLE BH0068601 23/01/2024 5mg/l 30/01/2024 2.3mg/l 31/12/2025    
Cleddau TREFFGARNE BN0071601 26/01/2024 5mg/l 02/02/2025        
Cleddau AMBLESTON BG0001101 01/02/2024 5mg/l 08/02/2025        
Cleddau CAMROSE BG0004901 06/12/2023 5mg/l 13/12/2023 4.5mg/l 31/03/2030    
Cleddau CLARBESTON BG0014501              
Cleddau KEESTON BP0087901 19/01/2024 5mg/l 26/01/2024 1.5mg/l 31/03/2030    
Cleddau LLANDDEWI VELFREY BG0013201              
Cleddau MATHRY BG0009701              
Cleddau PUNCHESTON BG0017601              
Cleddau MAENCLOCHOG BG0000401 02/08/2023 2mg/l 02/08/2023        
Cleddau SPITTAL BG0016901              
Dee CORWEN CM0018301              
Dee CEFN MAWR CM0101301 28/09/2023 1 mg/l 28/09/2023        
Dee GRESFORD CM0040601 28/07/2023 2mg/l 28/07/2023        
Dee LLANGOLLEN CM0005401              
Dee HOPE CM0075801 28/09/2023 1 mg/l 28/09/2023        
Dee OVERTON CM0188601 22/01/2024 5mg/l 29/01/2025        
Dee MAES Y GROES CM0071201              
Dee FIVE FORDS CM0077801 28/07/2023 1mg/l 28/07/2023 0.7mg/l 31/03/2030    
Dee CARROG CM0000501 26/01/2024 5mg/l 02/02/2025        
Dee BRYNEGLWYS CM0032401              
Dee CYNWYD CM0149301              
Dee PENLEY  CM0118501              
Dee GLYNDYFRDWY CM0026801 07/02/2024 5mg/l 14/02/2025        
Dee LLANDRILLO CM0006001              
Dee BETWS GWERFIL GOCH CM0026601 17/01/2024 5mg/l 24/01/2024        
Dee FRONCYSYLLTE CM0101501 26/01/2024 5mg/l 02/02/2025        
Dee GLYNCEIRIOG CM0021801 26/01/2024 5mg/l 02/02/2025 0.5mg/l 31/01/2030    
Dee BOWLING BANK CM0149401              
Dee BRONINGTON CM0072001              
Dee CERRIGYDRUDION CM0052101              
Dee CILCAIN PANTYMWYN CM0024401 24/01/2024 5mg/l 31/01/2025        
Dee DINMAEL CM0038801              
Dee DOLYWERN CM0007901 01/02/2024 5mg/l 08/02/2024 2mg/l 31/03/2030    
Dee FRONGOCH CM0077301              
Dee HALTON CM0022001 18/12/2023 5mg/l 27/12/2023        
Dee LLANARMON CM0022101 04/01/2024 5mg/l 11/01/2024 1.5mg/l 31/03/2032    
Dee LLANARMON-YN-IAL CM0001201 23/01/2024 5mg/l 30/01/2025        
Dee LLIDIART ANNIE CM0013201              
Dee PANDY CM0022201              
Dee PEN-Y-STRYT CM0043501              
Dee PONTFADOG CM0021701              
Dee RHOSESMOR CM0044201 22/12/2023 5mg/l 04/01/2024        
Dee RHYDYMWYN CM0004201              
Dee TREUDDYN CM0066101 10/08/2023 1mg/l 10/08/2023        
Dee LLANDDERFEL CM0045201              
Dee BALA CM0001501 31/07/2023 5mg/l 31/07/2023 4mgl 31/03/2030    
Dee MOLD CM0031001 09/08/2023 1mg/l 09/08/2023        
Dee BANGOR ON DEE  CM0060701 06/11/2023 5mg/l 13/11/2023        
Dee LAVISTER  CM0077501 21/09/2023 1mg/l 21/09/2023        
Dee TY GWYN  BUCKLEY CM0081001 10/08/2023 1mg/l 10/08/2023        
Dee HOLT  CM0102001 06/02/2024 5mg/l 13/02/2025        
Eden LLANFACHRETH CG0110901              
Eden BRONABER  CG0086701              
Gwyrfi RHYD DDU CG0024101 12/01/2024 5mg/l 19/01/2024        
Gwyrfi WAUNFAWR CG0134001              
Gwyrfi LLANFAGLAN WWTW FINAL EFFLUENT CG0078101              
Meir BEDDGELERT CG0024001 26/01/2024 5mg/l 02/02/2024        
Meir CROESOR - NEW WORKS CG0133001 17/01/2024 5mg/l 24/01/2024        
Meir LLANFROTHEN CG0078701 07/02/2024 5mg/l 14/02/2024        
Meir PRENTEG CG0015001 26/01/2024 5mg/l 02/02/2025        
Teifi LAMPETER BP0045001 05/12/2023 5mg/l 12/12/2023 0.5mg/l 31/12/2025    
Teifi ADPAR CEREDIGION BN0112801              
Teifi CILGERRAN BP0217801 15/12/2023 5mg/l 22/12/2023        
Teifi LLANYBYDDER CEREDIGION BJ0091401 22/11/2023 5mg/l 29/11/2023        
Teifi LLANDYSUL BG0010201 05/12/2023 5mg/l 12/12/2023        
Teifi TREGARON BH0057801 22/11/2023 5mg/l 29/11/2023 2mg/l 31/03/2030    
Teifi PONTRHYDFENDIGAID BN0040202 20/12/2023 5mg/l 27/12023 1.8mg/l 31/03/2030    
Teifi HENLLAN BN0013701 19/01/2024 5mg/l 26/01/2024        
Teifi LLECHRYD BG0024901              
Teifi DREFACH/VELINDRE BH0060601 24/11/2023 5mg/l 01/12/2023        
Teifi PENCADER BG0007801              
Teifi ABERCYCH BG0034501 05/12/2023 5mg/l 12/12/2023        
Teifi CWRTNEWYDD BN0005601              
Teifi CAPEL IWAN BN0054901 03/01/2024 5mg/l 10/01/2024 1.8mg/l 31/03/2030    
Teifi CELLAN BN0008101              
Teifi CENARTH CEREDIGION BP0101201              
Teifi CRIBYN BG0027001              
Teifi FFOSTRASOL BH0072801              
Teifi GORSGOCH BG0043501              
Teifi LLANFIHANGEL-AR-ARTH BN0020802              
Teifi NEWCHAPEL BP0219501              
Teifi PENTRECWRT BG0036101              
Teifi RHYDLEWIS LLANDYSUL BP0013501              
Teifi LLANGYBI LAMPETER BG0021501              
Teifi BONCATH BG0001201 15/01/2024 5mg/l 22/01/2024        
Teifi LLANDEWI BREFI  BG0023501 12/07/2023 1.5mg/l 12/07/2023 1.5mg/l 31/03/2030    
Teifi BEULAH  CERED'N BN0015801              
Tywi LLANDOVERY BN0202701 07/08/2023 5mg/l 07/08/2023        
Tywi FFAIRFACH BH0065401              
Tywi CAIO BN0042101              
Tywi CILYCWM BH0050901              
Tywi CWM IFOR BN0103601 26/01/2024 5mg/l 02/02/2024        
Tywi SALEM BP0219002              
Tywi BRECHFA BN0000302              
Tywi CYNGHORDY BJ0076001 24/01/2024 5mg/l 31/01/2024        
Tywi ABERGORLECH LLANDEILO BN0007002              
Tywi CWRT HENRI CARMS BN0018001 23/01/2024 5mg/l 30/01/2024        
Tywi FELINGWM BJ0075601              
Tywi GWYNFE  CAPEL GWYNFE BP0164501              
Tywi LLANSAWEL BH0062601 23/01/2024 5mg/l 30/01/2024        
Tywi MYDDFAI BH0050801 18/01/2024 5mg/l 25/01/2024        
Tywi RHANDIRMWYN BH0050701 23/02/2024 5mg/l 30/01/2024        
Tywi TALLEY BN0085301 06/02/2024 5mg/l 13/02/2025        
Tywi LLANGADOG  BG0040001 10/07/2023 5mg/l 10/07/2023        
Tywi PONT-AR-GOTHI & NANTGAREDIG  BN0002601 10/07/2023 5mg/l 10/07/2023        
Tywi LLANFYNYDD  BN0077601              
Usk LLANFOIST AB0038201 06/11/2023 5mg/l 13/11/2023 2mg/l 31/12/2025    
Usk BRECON AB0041501 21/11/2023 5mg/l 28/11/2023 2mg/l 31/12/2025    
Usk CRICKHOWELL AC0094701 31/01/2024 5mg/l 07/02/2025        
Usk LLANOVER AB0043401 08/12/2023 5mg/l 15/12/2023        
Usk TALYBONT AD0001701              
Usk DEVAUDEN AA0001901 24/01/2024 5mg/l 31/01/2025        
Usk SENNYBRIDGE ARMY CAMP AC0140301 18/01/2024 5mg/l 25/01/2024 3.5mg/l 31/03/2030    
Usk LLANSPYDDID AB0056601 21/12/2023 5mg/l 03/01/2024        
Usk LLANGYBI USK AB0046601 24/01/2024 5mg/l 31/01/2024        
Usk LLANDDEW  BRECON AC0140701              
Usk LIBANUS AB0076001 08/12/2023 5mg/l 15/12/2023 2mg/l 31/03/2030    
Usk BWLCH  LLANGYNIDIR AB0049501              
Usk ABER AA0026701              
Usk BRYN  AA0017501              
Usk COEDWAUNGAER AB0043501              
Usk CRADOC PHASE 1 AN0035901              
Usk GROESFFORDD AD0018101              
Usk LLANARTH MONMOUTHSHIRE AC0091901              
Usk LITTLE MILL AD0002501 31/01/2024 5mg/l 07/02/2024        
Usk LLANFYRNACH AD0002101              
Usk LLANSOY CHURCH LANE AN0106401              
Usk LLANVAIR MONMOUTHSHIRE AD0001501              
Usk TRECASTLE AD0000901 21/12/2023 5mg/l 03/01/2024 0.75mg/l 31/03/2030    
Usk TRELLECH AN0214601              
Usk TRETOWER CRICKHOWELL AN0106601              
Usk LLANBEDR AA0003101              
USK GOYTRE AC0116401              
USK USK  AB0044801              
Usk ABERBAIDEN  AB0034101 23/01/2024 5mg/l 30/01/2025        
Usk BRYNMAWR  AC0085601 11/05/2023 1mg/l 31/12/2023 1mg/l 01/01/2024    
Usk RAGLAN AC0140201 13/04/2023 1mg/l 13/04/2023        
USK LLANELLEN AB0046101 08/02/2024 5mg/l 15/02/2024        
Wye TALGARTH BRONLLYS ROAD AW1005301 14/08/2023 2mg/l 14/08/2023 0.25mg/l 31/03/2030    
Wye BUILTH WELLS AW1000701              
Wye LLANIGON AW1003701              
Wye LLANDRINDOD WELLS STW  PARK LANE AW1002901 06/11/2023 1.25mg/l 13/11/2023 0.8mg/l 31/03/2025    
Wye RHAYADER AW1005201              
Wye LLYSWEN AW1004201              
Wye ABERLLYNFI THREE COCKS AW1000301              
Wye CROSSGATES AW1001101 31/01/2024 5mg/l 07/02/2025 2mg/l 31/03/2032    
Wye LLANWRTYD WELLS AW1003901 23/11/2023 5mg/l 30/11/2023 2mg/l 22/12/2027    
Wye PENYBONT NR.LLANDRINDOD WELLS AN0115601 18/01/2024 5mg/l 25/01/2024        
Wye PANDY MONMOUTHSHIRE AH1002901 06/12/2023 5mg/l 13/12/2023        
Wye LLANGURIG AW1003601 21/12/2023 5mg/l 03/01/2024        
Wye NEWBRIDGE-ON-WYE AW1004401              
Wye LLANDEWI YSTRADENNY AW1002801              
Wye CLYRO AW1000901              
Wye BEULAH AW1000501 06/11/2023 5mg/l 13/11/2023 3mg/l 31/03/2030    
Wye LLANYRE AW1004001 01/02/2024 5mg/l 08/02/2024        
Wye CILMERY AW1001001 26/01/2024 5mg/l 02/02/2025        
Wye GLASBURY NR HAY ON WYE AN0333401/AW1002101 26/01/2024 5mg/l 02/02/2025        
Wye BUILTH ROAD AW1000601 26/01/2024 5mg/l 02/02/2025        
Wye CEFN GORWYDD AN0180001              
Wye DINGESTOW MONMOUTH AS1000701              
Wye ELAN VILLAGE AW1001401              
Wye GARTH AW1002001 07/12/2023 5mg/l 14/12/2023        
Wye GROSMONT AH1001001              
Wye GWENDDWR AW1002201              
Wye LLANDEGLEY AW1002701              
Wye LLANGAMMARCH WELLS AW1003301 18/12/2023 5mg/l 27/12/2023        
Wye MONMOUTH REDBROOK ROAD AS1003201 06/11/2003 2mg/l 13/11/2023        
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