Buying and selling land with a felling licence

A felling licence applies to the land, regardless of its owner. A felling licence stays with the land, even after it’s bought or sold.

Selling land with a felling licence

If you sell land that already has a felling licence, please contact us to tell us the details of the new landowner.

If you sell the land after felling, but before restocking the land, then you should tell the buyer of the land. The new buyer of the land will still need to restock the site.

Buying land with a felling licence

If you have bought land with a felling licence in place, you will need to complete an amendment form.

We will then be able to consider changing the current felling licence.

If a felling licence is still in place on the land that you bought, you might have certain conditions in place. We will let you know if this is the case.

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