This Register gives a summary of Forest Resource Plans that have been approved.  Any subsequent amendments to the felling program will be put on the felling licence register

Replanting takes place within 5 years after the trees have been felled.

For further information on approved plans for Natural Resources Wales visit the Forest Resource Plans page.

FRP Name Grid reference Nearest Town Applicant Proposed Work 2022-2026 2027-2031 2032-2036 2037-2041 End date for comments
Rhydymain SH807234 NRW Felling Cympo 130.17 91.42 78.09 74.29 06/04/2023
Abergele SH962760 Abergele NRW Felling 11.0 13.8 8.3 0.0 27/04/2023
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