Apply to surrender (give up) all or part of a waste permit

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Use this service to surrender (give up) all or part of your permit.

Before you start

You need to know:

Documents to upload

You will need to upload some or all the following documents to your application.

1. A site condition report describing the condition of the permit site (or the relevant part of the site for a partial surrender). We will not need this for a mobile plant permit. For landfill reports, read surrender of permits for the permanent deposit of waste

2. Written evidence (from us) that we have agreed you meet the requirements. This will normally be a letter or email from your site compliance officer.

3. Two plans demonstrating partial surrender:

  • a plan identifying the part(s) of the permit you want to surrender
  • a plan identifying the part(s) of the permit you will be keeping

4. A description of the steps you have taken to avoid any pollution risk or to return the site to a satisfactory state.

5. A description of what you want to surrender.

6. To claim confidentiality or national security you will need to give evidence.



We will make a decision within three months of receiving a complete application and correct fee.

We will check your application and confirm if it is complete, if it is complete we call this ‘duly made’. If it is not complete we may request further information from you. The three month timescale does not begin until we consider the application is ‘duly made’.

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