Apply to transfer all or part of a waste permit

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Use this service to apply to have all or part of a waste permit transferred to you.

Before you start

You need to know:

Documents to upload

You will need to upload some or all the following documents to your application.

1. A description of what you want transferred to you.

2. Two plans for a part transfer:

  • one for the parts remaining with the current holder
  • one for the parts proposed to transfer to the new holder

3. A description of your management system (for a full transfer).

4. Evidence that you have a ‘relevant qualification’ from one of the following:

5. Evidence for a claim for confidentiality or national security.

6. A declaration from the current permit holder(s), or evidence that you cannot trace them.


We will make a decision within two months of receiving a complete application and correct fee.

We will check your application and confirm if it is complete. If it is complete we call this ‘duly made’. If it is not complete we may request further information from you. The two month timescale does not begin until we consider the application is ‘duly made’.

We might ask for more information where:

  • there are several activities on site
  • there is more than one application for a partial transfer of the permit
  • emissions to air, water or land are being split between the operators

In these cases, we need to be clear who will be doing what after the transfer or transfers to make the correct changes to each permit.

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