Registering waste exemptions for a linear network

If a waste activity takes place on a stretch of road, river, canal or railway - a linear network - you may not be able to pinpoint the activity to one place, but you may still be able to register exemptions.

How to register

You cannot register a linear network online. Please call us on 0300 065 3000.

Linear network exemption codes

Exemptions U1, U12, D1 and D2 can be registered as a linear network provided the limitations below are met.

U1 - Use of waste in construction as a linear network

U1 can be registered for a place (eg a building site) or a linear feature such as a road.

We will only accept a U1 linear registration where the proposed use of construction waste is for the maintenance of an existing structure, not for the creation of a new construction or an extension to an existing construction.

For a U1 exemption, we will interpret the following as a separate place on a previously registered linear network:

  • Any discrete location where a new construction takes place or where the quantities used for maintenance or repair exceed those defined for linear networks
  • New constructions that include the extension or replacement of an existing construction

The additional place should be registered as a U1. Only one additional U1 may be registered in relation to any new construction arising from the use of the construction waste.

U12 - Use of mulch

We will allow a linear network to be registered when the mulch is both generated and used on that linear network - it cannot be imported from other sites.

You can use up to 10 tonnes of mulch per linear mile per month where that mulch has originated from the linear network it is being used on.

D1 - Deposit of waste from dredging of inland waters

This exemption is based on a linear limit. We will apply this limit as specified in the legislation. The legislation allows, over a 12-month period, the deposit or treatment of up to 50 cubic metres of the waste specified for each metre of land on which waste is deposited.

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