Our responsibilities 

We are responsible for protecting the environment in Wales, but we also have responsibilities to improve well-being. Providing a better future for everyone:

  • reducing the impact businesses have on people's health as well as the environment
  • encouraging people to get outdoors and connect with nature

What we do

  • promote the benefits of connecting with nature and the natural environment
  • regulate business as well as providing advice and guidance to reduce their impact on people's health
  • respond to environmental incidents, for example air pollution, tree disease and flooding
  • consult on the national health and wellbeing policy and strategy 
  • consider the impact our strategies, plans, policies and projects have on peoples health and wellbeing
  • look after sites across Wales where people can go walking, running, bike riding, horse riding and more 
  • publish educational resources to help more young people learn outdoors and connect with nature
  • provide grant funding for projects that help improve people's health

Working with our partners

Our health advisors work with a range of partners, nationally and locally via the Area Statements, to help people live healthier and more fulfilled livesprotected from environmental risks.

Some of our key areas of influence are:


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